Not everyone enjoys doing the same activities.

Writing, for one, is a dreaded activity for most students. If you find it hard to compose essays, fret not! This is one of the reason why there are IELTS review centers. Training institutions such as the JRooz Review Center aim to help students better express their ideas through writing.  The JRooz Review Center is an avenue where English language proficiency is honed.

Comma Rules

One of the basics of writing, as taught in IELTS review center courses, is the proper usage of punctuations. It is important to learn when to apply and where to place commas (,) in a sentence to effectively convey the message.

Using Comma in a Sentence

Comma, more than a pause signal, is a foundation of a clear composition.

Use a comma to separate ideas.

•    Three or more words, phrases, or clauses
Example: The student pledged to study hard, review more often, and do his best during the IELTS exam.

•    Independent clauses that are linked by any coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet)
Example: She completed her review sessions, but she still continues to study at home.

•    Two or more adjectives that describe the same noun, and can be linked by the coordinating conjunction “and"
Example: The instructor is a knowledgeable, effective learning facilitator.
(The instructor is a knowledgeable and effective learning facilitator.)

•    Statement vs. Question
Example: You passed the exam, didn’t you?

•    Contrasting clauses
Example: The instructor sent the review material last week, not yesterday.

•    Direct quotation
Example: The student asked, “Am I IELTS ready?”
Use a comma in introductory sentence components.

•    Introductory clauses, phrases, or words
Example: While the facilitator was discussing, the student nervously opened the door.

•    Introductory words (i.e. well, now, yes)
Example: Now, listen carefully.
Use a comma to set off components irrelevant to the meaning of the sentence.

•    Clauses, phrases, and words that when dropped, will not affect the meaning of the sentence
Example: The student, as you can clearly see, is doing his best to ace the exam.

•    Confusing statements
Example: The IELTS Writing exam, for her, is the most difficult component.
Use a comma to create distinction.

•    Geographical names, dates, addresses, name titles
She resides in Ayala, Makati City.
The last time the student attended the exam was on January 6, 2017.
Mr. Nivera, PhD., is our resident English instructor.

•    Name or degree of a person directly addressed
Will you, Ms. Valeria, teach the class today?
Yes, Sir, I will.

•    Surrounding words used as interrupters.
Example: The instructor, by the way, addressed the issue yesterday.

The key to a compelling composition is to accentuate your main points correctly. Use commas appropriately in a sentence to secure your IELTS band score goal.

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