When you are about to take the IELTS test, you should always consider getting a review course from an IELTS review center. There are lots of test candidates who failed to reach their target scores in the IELTS test because of the lack of preparation for the examination. Some candidates choose to do a self-review relying on books and review materials that are readily available online. However, the amount of knowledge gained from a review center for the IELTS is incomparable with self-studying.

ielts review

Preparing for the IELTS test is stressful, especially if you need to review with an IELTS UKVI review center. Most candidates feel more pressured for the IELTS UKVI as the exam fee is much more expensive; thus, they put double efforts in reviewing for the examination. Whether you are taking the IELTS or the IELTS UKVI, the amount of time allotted for the review and the learning from the review is very crucial. Hence, IELTS centers have come up with the best hacks in succeeding the IELTS test.

1.    Have something to read all the time. Reading is an activity that is not enjoyed by a lot of people. In the IELTS, test candidates will have a lot of reading to do; thus, practicing reading on materials of your own interest can help build the love for reading. Also, reading improves one’s vocabulary and comprehension skills.

2.    Watch Youtube videos about the IELTS Speaking Test. There are a lot of good videos online that can teach IELTS students on how to handle the stress during the speaking test. Also, these videos provide tips on how to construct responses that will directly answer the tasks in the questions. Watching videos like these all the time prepares and practices the student for the actual test.

3.    Write journal entries. Journal writing is a good practice to improve writing skills. Students develop the skill in elaborating their ideas through writing different essays. This is in preparation in writing opinion-based essays as a part of the task in the IELTS writing.

4.    Create a vocabulary pad. Students in an IELTS review center can enhance their vocabulary skills when they keep a vocabulary pad. They could write words that are unfamiliar to them and have their definitions looked up in the dictionary. Students can write synonymous words that can come in handy to their speaking and writing practices. Vocabulary is important as it is used in all sections of the test.

5.    Listen to different English accents. The BBC and Australian news channels are great sources to be familiar with the British and Australian accents. These two accents are commonly used in the examination; hence, students should take a little extra effort in getting themselves familiar with these, particularly in the pronunciation of words.

6.    Study at your most convenient time. People have different time on when they can be productive. Choose the most convenient one to ensure progress in the review.

7.    Find a quiet place to study. An IELTS UKVI review center ensures silence and guarantees a conducive learning environment.

8.    Find a speaking partner. Speaking partners build one’s confidence in using English in conversations. What these partners do is promote conversations to improve one’s interaction in an English context.

9.    Attend mock exams and coaching. These are available at review centers. These are good evaluation points for the student’s improvement in the course program of an IELTS review.

10.    Get a good rest before the exam. Avoid studying a couple of days before the exam. Let your body and mind rest.

These hacks, paired with intensive review for the IELTS, bring positive results to one’s IELTS test.