Discussions in the review center for IELTS focus on revisiting introductory English lectures, tackling complicated subjects, and developing the communication skills and competence of test-takers. If you live in the North, the most accessible program you can take is the IELTS Baguio.

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The training program in the IELTS Baguio was designed to save students from the hassle of squeezing into lectures in the metro. The training program in the review center for IELTS aims to arm examinees with basic knowledge and skills necessary to survive life abroad. However, aside from focusing on the exam, you also need to prepare for the life that awaits you after the IELTS. For instance, if you plan to pursue your education abroad, it is significant that you acclimate to the learning demands in an academic environment.

Writing Research Questions

One skill that you need to learn if you want to thrive in the academe is how to write academic papers. In writing, you begin by composing a research question.

A research question refers to the issue that the writer wants to focus on. It is the core of a study, and it guides the whole research process—goal setting, literature review, methodology, analysis, and discussion. Here is a quick guide on how to develop a good research question.

•    Select a broad topic
Identify your subject of interest. It is crucial that you pick a topic that is relevant to your field to sustain your drive to work on your research. Also, choose a subject which you can defend all throughout your composition.

•    Conduct a preliminary literature review
Doing a review of related literature on your chosen topic helps determine the gaps on what has already been done and what problems still need to be studied. It also allows assessment of areas that needs focus and identification of replicated studies.

•    Narrow down the topic
Once you have identified the gaps, it will be easier for you to narrow down the problem before you can turn it into a research question. List down the possible topic under the broad subject and pick one that best serves your interest and offers a need for further exploration.

•    Ask an open-ended question
Turn your chosen topic into a research question by asking “how” and “why.” These types of questions demand an accurate answer which you cannot directly identify in one sitting.

•    Evaluate the question
After determining your research question, assess if it satisfies human interest and social relevance and if it has an immediate application. Are there pieces of evidence available that can support your claim? Is it feasible to pursue the topic given the time frame? Is it too broad or too narrow?

A good research question opens an opportunity for exploration. It allows knowledge contribution and sets the stage for debates. Furthermore, it encourages further study for the development of the field.
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