Some people are skeptics with the quality of training they can get in reviewing for the IELTS in an IELTS review center. They believe that no one needs IELTS training to ace the IELTS test. As an English proficiency examination, the IELTS test has a reputation of testing one’s English skills to the limit – even making one feel bad when getting a low score. Let’s check your knowledge about the IELTS. Let’s see how much you know about taking the IELTS if you fail then you have to enroll in an IELTS training program.

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IELTS Basic Information

1.    How many sections are there in the IELTS test?
a.    1
b.    2
c.    3
d.    4

2.    There are two modules in the IELTS: Academic and General Training. If you are a nurse, which module should you take for the IELTS?
a.    Academic
b.    General Training

3.    Which is not a question type in the Academic Writing Task 1?
a.    Graphs
b.    Diagrams
c.    Correspondence
d.    Tables

4.    How many number of words are required in the Writing Task 2 of the IELTS?
a.    At least 150
b.    At least 200
c.    At least 250
d.    At least 300

5.    How is the IELTS speaking exam done?
a.    One-on-one interview
b.    Recorded message
c.    Phone interview
d.    Panel interview

6.    How many times can one listen to an audio recording in the listening test?
a.    Once
b.    Twice
c.    Thrice
d.    As much as possible

7.    Grammar is not a criterion in the Writing test.
a.    True
b.    False

8.    In the reading test, it is common to find British English vocabulary.
a.    True
b.    False

9.    The IELTS test can be completed in just two hours.
a.    True
b.    False

10.    What does the IELTS stand for?
a.    International English Licensure Testing System
b.    International English Language Testing Station
c.    International English Language Testing System
d.    International English Licensure Testing Station

Now, that we are done with the basic information about the IELTS, let’s check how well you are in grammar. Grammar is one course in the IELTS training that help student learn how to write and create effective responses in writing and speaking respectively. An IELTS review center emphasizes this need to their students. Let’s begin.


1.    The final projects _____________ by the dean
a.    check
b.    is checked
c.    are checked

2.    I haven’t seen my brother for quite some time now; he _____________ in the university.
a.    studied
b.    is studying
c.    will study

3.    That shopping store is exclusively used by its members. You cannot go in _____________ you have a membership card.
a.    if
b.    nonetheless
c.    unless

4.    She completed writing the evaluation, yet she _____________ it yet to Prof. Kim.
a.    didn’t submit
b.    hasn’t submitted
c.    hasn’t been submitted

5.    Who was that man _____________?
a.    to which you were talking
b.    who you were talking with
c.    which talked to

6.    If I were given $100,000, I _____________ around the world.
a.    will travel
b.    would be travelled
c.    would travel

7.    My mother doesn’t like reading books _____________ have sad endings.
a.    that
b.    who
c.    when

8.    He made me _____________ his computer when mine was broken.
a.    used
b.    use
c.    using

9.    I want to go _____________.
a.    on a holiday
b.    in a holiday
c.    to a holiday

10.    Please _____________ the pieces of paper you used for the art class.
a.    throw in
b.    throw up
c.    throw away

These are only simple evaluation on how well you can perform in the IELTS test. IELTS training is essential for every test candidate. Thus, find an IELTS review center that is best for you.