The most common mistake in IELTS Writing is the ability to follow instructions, while in IELTS Speaking, it is understanding the questions. Taking an IELTS Course will make you familiar with the structure and procedure of the test. The IELTS Review Center in Makati, in particular, boosts a 100% passing rate because of their competitive method.

IELTS Review Center

Here are some common errors in IELTS Writing and Speaking: 

  • Answering in more words than instructed. If the task says “not more than 3 words”, answering more than 3 will affect your score.

  • Following the word count faithfully. It pays to answer diligently. 

  • Longer essay doesn’t guarantee a better score. Answer the best way possible without loopholes and injecting highly quintessential words. A simple but truthful answer may give you encouragement and confidence to write.

  • It is unacceptable to change the subject. The wrong answer you give because you have no knowledge about the topic means zero score. Covering every point of the topic needs to be done because the examiner will actually be counting them. So if you really want to ace that IELTS exam, prepare in advance. Read the newspaper or watch commentaries on TV. Chances are, you can form your own views about issues.

  • Accent is not entirely important, pronunciation is! Know the difference between an accent and mispronouncing the words. Some people tend to impress by fixing themselves an accent, don’t be one of them. You need to magnify that correct pronunciation is way more acceptable. 25% of the score in IELTS Speaking relies on pronunciation. Find an opportunity to practice with native or native-level speakers of English so you can get an honest appraisal of your pronunciation.

  • Be aware of your intonation. Stress those words.

  • Coherence and cohesion are one of the essay marking criteria. Learn them. IELTS Course pays attention to that.

  • Grammatical accuracy. Sentence structure, improper preposition usage, verb tenses are taught in IELTS Center. Learn to master them.

  • Not honing your conversational skills. Make a set of questions in an index card and answer it one by one. It would be nice if you can ask someone to ask you these questions so that you ill feel more confident engaging a conversation. You also need to sound natural, not a robot.

  • Saying too much or too little. You miss the opportunity to show off your ability if you say too little. On the other hand, if you say too much, you risk sounding less coherent. At best, aim to say three to six sentences after each question regardless if it’s Writing or Speaking.

IELTS Review Center in Makati is located at the heart of the Makati-CBD. It makes easier for professionals in the area to get an IELTS Course. But just like any kind of learning, identifying common errors can help you maximize your full potential.