What’s the best form of IELTS training for the IELTS speaking test?

Many IELTS test candidates look for quality training for the IELTS examination particularly in the speaking test. Because the speaking test causes anxiety to almost all test candidates, the need for IELTS speaking training is highly needed.

For starters, the best preparation one can do for the speaking test is to get familiar with IELTS speaking test examples. Knowing the common questions for the task can make a big difference as test candidates are familiar with the type of question and the best possible answer to this. Now, here are some IELTS speaking test samples with responses for your IELTS training. 

Task 1

Have you ever travelled outside your country?

                Yes, I have. I have only been outside the country once. It was in June 2015 that I flew to Malaysia. I stayed there for 3 days and the trip was really wonderful. It has been a very memorable trip since it was the first time for me to travel overseas.

What do you think is the best way to travel?

                If you are going overseas, well, I believe that airplanes are the best way to travel. It can take you to different countries in just a matter of hours. Also, airline tickets have been pretty cheap lately making it possible to almost anyone to travel overseas.

What are some benefits of travelling?

                I believe that travelling is really beneficial to anyone. First, you get to experience new culture. When I was in Malaysia, I was surprised particularly with their food as almost every dish I had was a little spicy. The temples were astonishing as they depict how religious the people are in that country. Another is that travelling gives you time to relax. This is especially true to people who work all the time. During holidays, I usually plan a short travel outside my city. It is a way for me to destress with my busy work schedule. It keeps me sane and alive. 

Task 2

Describe your favorite place to visit.

  • What kind of place it is
  • Where the place is
  • When you visited the place

and explain what it is that you like about the place.

                When I have a lot of time, I usually visit the beach near my city, Costa Marina. Costa Marina is in Samal Island, a ten-minute ferry boat ride from Davao. Costa Marina is a beach resort with white sand beach and crystal clear water. The last time I visited this place was last month together with two of my friends. What keeps me going back to Costa Marina is the peaceful ambience. It is not crowded so there is little noise. You could relax by the shore and listen to the wave hit the sand. It is a perfect place to relax and even spend time with friends.

Task 3

Famous places in your country

Tell me about any famous tourist attractions in your city.

                The Philippines has quite a number of tourist attractions, but foreigners particularly like Boracay. Boracay is an island for many foreign nationals because of its white sand beaches and nightlife. Tourists enjoy swimming and doing water sports in the morning in the pristine waters and go clubbing at night. Another place that has been gaining quite a number of visitors is El Nido. It boasts of its beautiful islands and islets famous for snorkeling and diving.
Why are they popular with tourists?

                These places have been popular with tourists as these cater to what they need – a relaxing time. For these tourists, relaxation means being in the beach enjoying the water. Both Boracay and El Nido have good spa as well to complement with the relaxing beach. Also, the prices maybe a bit expensive for the locals, but tourists find it cheaper to what they have back in their countries.
Would you agree that tourism is always advantageous for a country?

                I think I have to disagree with this. Thought there are a lot of benefits a country can get from the influx of tourists, there are these drawbacks that happen as well. For example, some forested areas in Boracay need to be cut down to give way to new resorts. This critically harms the environment. Another is that some tourists are not as disciplined with others. Some leave their garbage making the place dirty. Pollution happens when this kind of act is not addressed, so not everything that tourism brings is advantageous for the country.

These are common questions in the IELTS speaking test. Practice with these questions and make sure to come up with a good response that will directly answer the given task.