Preparing for an examination has always been stressful. The pressure of getting a passing grade makes one put a little extra effort in reviewing for the exam. The same thing happens to candidates for the IELTS examination. A lot of these candidates choose to review for at least three months to acquire necessary English skills that will help them hit their target scores. While some are successful in reaching their target score, some are not that lucky to get the overall band score that they need.

There are some candidates who already got their required overall band score, yet they still want to improve their scores. If you want to improve your band score, you have to consider some things before taking the test again. The question here is: how can one improve their own IELTS band score?

Here are some simple yet effective ways. 

  • Review your preparation activities. Think about the plan that you had before the examination. This will determine whether your review schedule was effective or not. Consider the books that you used. Are they the latest edition? Are they helpful with your review? Also, ask yourself whether you gave yourself enough time to review for the exam. Assess everything before you come up with a new plan. 
  • Test day performance. During your examination, were you able to concentrate while answering? Was the room too cold that you became distracted during the examination? Always remember that the physical environment of the test center can also affect how you perform during the test. Also, were you able to use your time wisely during the exam? Did you spend too much time on a question? 
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. During your review, you will already realize which sub-test you are good at. For example, if you are getting good scores on your reading, then make it the least of your priority during the review. If the writing is giving you a lot of trouble, then you should come up with a review plan that will put writing on top of your priorities. When you understand your weakness and put more work on it, there is a bigger chance of improvement the next time you take the examination. Take a lot of practice tests on a specific area of your weakness until it becomes one of your strengths in the exam. 
  • Understand skills used for the test. In the reading test, there are skills of skimming and scanning that make the reading much easier. Know and understand how both will be of both advantage to you in the test. Learn every skill and practice them. Ask an IELTS coach to help you in developing and improving your skills. 
  • Enroll in an IELTS review. There are so many good things an IELTS review can offer. Mock exams are part of the program where weekly assessments are given to gauge a student’s performance. One-on-one coaching are managed to provide students the assistance and give focus on their needs for the examination. 

Improving one’s overall band score is totally possible when one determines the things that are to be focused and put a little more extra effort. A good plan of review will result to a better performance in the IELTS test.