We have always heard about different individuals taking up an English proficiency examination called the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. However, have we ever asked ourselves why these people are very keen in getting their target scores in the examination?
ielts purpose

The IELTS is a very important English proficiency examination. Every individual who has taken the IELTS receive a Test Result form that serves as his or her certification indicating his or her level in English. This certification is needed as it is considered a major requirement nowadays. So why do people take it?

Most of the time, individuals take the IELTS for three purposes: study, work, and immigration.
IELTS for studying in English-speaking countries:

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 First, students who are aiming to study overseas need an IELTS score. There are a lot of Filipino students who are dreaming of finishing a degree on English-speaking universities and colleges overseas. For them to make that dream come true, they need to take the IELTS to prove that they can survive in an academic environment where English is most spoken in and outside the classroom. Schools and universities need to make sure that their enrolees will excel not only inside the four walls of the classroom but socially as well.

IELTS for working in English-speaking countries:

ielts working abroad
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Second, working professionals whose professions are in demand abroad take the IELTS as one of the major requirements in their applications. These professionals need to show that they will be able to work productively and efficiently in a workplace where English is primarily used as a mean of communication. In addition, they need to grow not only professionally but also socially as they meet and interact with other people outside the office.

IELTS for living/immigrating in English-speaking countries:

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Last but not the least, different Filipinos take the IELTS as an immigration requirement. Living abroad in an English-speaking country is challenging as most people converse in their native language – English. To show that you are capable in living in their country, good English skills are expected from the applicant. To live harmoniously in other countries, speaking in the English language is a must.

People may have different reasons why they have the need to take the IELTS examination. In addition, some just take the said test just to know their level in English. They do not need it for any application, just to check how well they can use the English language. No matter what reason one has in taking the IELTS, it is important to get the target band scores set by companies and academic institutions. Hence, it is best for any candidate to prepare for the test through constant self-studying, enrolling in IELTS review centers and embracing the love in using English.